Conference Highlights

The main objectives of the Conference is

  • To impart greater awareness about Intellectual Property Rights.
  • To understand patentability criteria and viable aspects of the patent.
  • To create an advance level of IP awareness
  • To enable Educational/Research Institute in understanding, Identifying & using Intellectual Property for Competitive Advantage.
  • To serve as a forum for the exchange of different perspectives of IPRs at national and international level

The Conference will also discuss good practices and policies on intellectual property commercialization, protection and enforcement with a special focus on countries with economies in transition. Other significant objectives are to encourage study and research to create advanced legal materials and jurisprudence in the area of intellectual property law; to use such jurisprudence for benefit of the society; to encourage innovative and novel endeavours of research to identify and solve problems and dilemmas in the present intellectual property administration landscape; proactively analyze future trends and develop legal strategies and reports in the arena of intellectual property and technology laws; to facilitate simplification and understanding of intellectual property machinery.